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Bio360 Expo is an international meeting place for people and organisations who are engaged in and committed to accelerating the biotransition.

Because time is so short and there is so little room for trial and error, the imperative to knowledge share and collaborate could not be more pressing.

Through its international exhibition and conference programme, Bio360 Expo does all in its power to be a platform where 1+1=3, where innovative collaborations are conceived, where success builds on success, enabling us to get there quicker.

A crossroads for the worlds of agriculture, forestry and wood, public bodies and decision makers, bioindustry players, energy, research institutions, associations and pan-industry bodies, journalism, finance, legal … Bio360 Expo is the place that strives to bring all this together and to serve the transition to a new bioage where future generations can continue to thrive, sustainably.

In a nutshell

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In a nutshell, Bio360 Expo comprises a large exhibition, a comprehensive international conference programme with simultaneous translation, study tours, the innovation competition, and more besides:

- Key numbers anticipated for 2024: 5000 participants, 450 exhibitors, 45 countries, 200 international speakers.
- 6 bilingual conference rooms with simultaneous translation
- a panel of global expert speakers
- a rich programme covering a diverse range of topical subjects
- unfettered access to 450 exhibitors from across the planet showcasing some of the world’s most innovative, dedicated and promising solution providers
- the opportunity to engage with some of the leading thinkers and influencers from across the bioeconomy and bioenergy sectors
- industrial sites visits of specail interest in and around the local area
- the innovations of the moment unveiled at the prize giving ceremony of the innovation competition

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Bio360 Expo is a multi-disciplinary event with a common thread running throughout, showcasing today’s solutions and tomorrow’s innovations that will transition us from a fossil dependent society to a circular, renewable biosociety.

The event attracts 450-500 international exhibitors making Bio360 Expo a genuine point of exchange for global bioknowhow, including:

- Solid bioenergy: biomass and wood-energy, solid waste recovery, forestry and agricultural co-products for co/tri-generation, district and industrial heating, and renewable green gas.
- Liquid bioenergy: liquid biofuels for the road, maritime and aviation transport sectors
- Gaseous bioenergy: biogas, biomethane, bioNGV, green hydrogen for local consumption or broader distribution
- Biobased materials and products: bioplastics, biochemicals, biomaterials, biopharmaceuticals, biotextiles, biocoatings, bioadditives etc.
- Biochar: biochar has a large evolving range of usages from agriculture and soil management, for livestock, water management, construction, biocomposites …
- Carbon capture and utilization / storage (CCU/S)*: capturing and utilising CO2 for chemicals, fuels, feed, materials…

* There are only three sources of renewable carbon. Renewable carbon comes from sources which can be (re)grown (biosphere), (re)captured (technosphere & atmosphere) or (re)cycled (technosphere). For more information, consult: