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20 Minutes with Leon & ...

20 Minutes with Leon is THE Rendez-vous with the experts on bioenergy, bioeconomy and carbon removal.

Each week from November 2022, Leon the Bio360 Expo mascot, welcomes an international expert who shares their knowledge and vision of the transition to a vibrant, diverse, renewable, sustainable, circular bio-world ... one where life goes on. This podcast is powered by Bees, organisers of Bio360 Expo. To stay informed and be notified of the coming episode, please register for our newsletter

Introducing Leon

Whilst the ChameLeon is reputed for its ability to change colour to suit the moment, our friendly fellow has already been through the cycle and now lives by his true colours (or colour), a bright, fervent Green and this time, it’s for good, because he’s understood.

And it’s not a green that comes out in the wash either. It’s a conviction-based pigment, resilient, hard-wearing signifying not cosmetic change but true behavioral change. We need to be more like him… so let’s do it, let’s bring on the bio-transition !!

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