If you would like to make a presentation during the Bio360 2025 conferences, please submit your proposal to us via the submission process indicated below.

All submissions will be considered but unfortunately not all can be accepted. You will be informed in good time as to whether your submission has been selected or not.

Bio360's mission is to accelerate the biotransition so that we achieve the circular and renewable bioeconomy, whereby remaining fossil reserves and resources remain in the geosphere where they can do no harm. In this biosociety, the molecules to supply our energetic and material needs are circulated within the biosphere in balance with natural cycles and ecosystems, enabling life to go on, and on and on ….


Bio360 is a major international meeting point for all those engaged in the biotransition today and equally for those seeking to enter the space tomorrow. At this year's edition of Bio360, 200 speakers from 20 countries shared their expertise and vision for the future.

The event encompasses an international exhibition of 450 companies as well as a high-calibre international conference programme spread across 6 parallel tracks.

The conference programme at Bio360 covers a broad and often inter-related set of biotransition pathways and value-chains across 6 tracks, combining :

  • solid biomass energy (energy from wood and forestry residues, agricultural residues…)
  • district heating and cooling
  • waste to energy
  • defossilisation of industry
  • liquid fuels (biofuels, advanced biofuels, renewable fuels)
  • green gas (syngas, gaseous fuels (biogas, biomethane, biongv), hydrogen (biohydrogen, low-carbon hydrogen), beccus : bioenergy carbon capture utilisation and storage)
  • biobased materials (construction, biochemicals, biostimulants etc)
  • biochar
  • carbon credits
  • carbon farming
  • policy framework 

Simultaneous translation is provided. Your preferred language to present in (French or English) can be communicated to us in the below submission form.

Presentation duration : 20 minutes
As a general rule and unless otherwise stated, presentations need to be timed to be 15 minutes long and will be followed by a 5 minute Q&A session. Individual topics will be grouped together by theme and session. A session typically lasts between 1 to 2 hours. Some sessions may also conclude with a panel discussion to be held amongst the different presenters.

Speakers fees
BEES does not charge speakers fees to present in the Bio360 conferences. We work on the principle that knowledge sharing is key within the very short time we have to reverse climate change. All speakers have free and unfettered access to the entire event, ie all the conferences and the exhibition.

Speakers online portal
An online Speaker Portal allows selected speakers to submit a biography (in French and English) as well as a photo which is published on the website ahead of the event.

The online portal also allows speakers to :
- download a visual announcing their participation as a speaker for publishing on social networks 
- request meetings with other speakers as well as with exhibitors ahead of the event and also to receive meeting requests. The speaker defines in advance the timeslot(s) for being available to hold meetings. The system then produces a finalized meeting agenda with timings and meeting locations.

The Hive - speaker’s lounge
Our VIP lounge “The Hive” - contrary to what its name suggests ;) - is a place to step back from the buzz and offers a lounge area accessible to all speakers to have a sit down, take some refreshments, hold a meeting, catch your breath ! 

Conference Replays
The Conferences will be recorded and replays will be made freely online on our youtube channel after the event.

Access to the event, ie the conferences and the exhibition, is free to all visitors enabling a broad range of participants from across the full spectrum of the sector and value-chains.

There are 6 conference tracks and 6 conference rooms which are fully equipped in terms of audio/video, a speaker’s stage and there are at least two resident technicians per conference room for the duration of each session. The capacity of the different rooms vary from 100 to 250 seats. There are also hostesses in each room to welcome the participants and to hand around the microphone at Q&A time.

Please submit your conference presentation proposal via the form below.

DEADLINE : 19th July