Program 2024

icone salon fafa The Exhibition

The exhibition, covering an extensive 12 000m2 in the prestigious XXL hall, provides an outstanding opportunity to meet an exceptional range of solution providers from across the bioenergy, BECCU/S, biochar and bio/renewable construction materials spectrums, amongst the 450 plus exhibitors from more than 35 countries.

icone conférences fafa Conference Program 2024

An exceptionally rich, conference programme will bring to the stage some of the leading lights of the biotransition as we dive into the key topics of today. Sessions will be held either in French or in English. The detailed program will be published later in the year.

Hear illuminating stories of the biotransation at Bio360 Expo 2024 - live from those who are making them !

From wood energy for industry & municipalities to district heating & cooling, biogas and biomethane, biohydrogen, gasification, hydrothermal gasification, synthetic methane, pyrolysis, biochar, sustainable aviation fuels, low-carbon maritime fuels, e-fuels, BECCS, BECCU, green building and renewable carbon ... Bio360 Expo brings it all together under one roof !

Our 7 track international conference program spans all sectors of the biotransition and both digs deep into each one as well as highlights the opportunities for convergence and mutually beneficial inter-sector synergies.

Ecailles EN

icone visite techniques fafa Study Tours

Study Tours of sites of special interest in and around Nantes will be published here in January. 
Participation for free and by pre-registration only.

icones concours innov fafa Innovation competition

The Innovation Competition is a moment when the endeavors that follow a moment of vision are recognized … and the persistence to see it through is rewarded. It’s the moment when we get to see what innovation is going to bring about change and which companies will be the future trend setters.

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