Wood Energy  and The Future of Industrial Heating and Defossilization at Bio360


Welcome to the future of sustainable energy - where wood energy takes center stage in revolutionizing industrial heating and defossilization efforts.

In this dynamic era of environmental consciousness and energy transition, wood energy emerges as a game-changer for industries and public municipalities alike where the coupling of wood energy with district heating give us the highest 3E score, ie for Environmental, Energetic and Economic optimisation. Join us at Bio360, the premier trade fair showcasing the immense potential of wood energy, where innovative solutions and impactful collaborations converge.

Embracing Wood Energy in the Industrial Sector

With the pressing urgency to shift to sustainable and renewable energy sources, wood energy stands out as an innovative solution. When we consider industrial heating and Defossilization, especially for public municipalities, it is paramount to consider sustainable energy sources. The expo wood energy serves as an illuminating platform that underscores the importance of wood energy in these sectors.

Driving Socio-Economic Growth Through Wood Energy

The transition to wood energy brings forth a plethora of socio-economic advantages:

Advantages of Forest Management:

Sustainably managed forests play a pivotal role in supporting wood energy initiatives. Responsible harvesting and replenishment practices ensure a continuous supply of biomass within a sustainable carbon-cycle, securing a renewable energy source for generations to come. At Expo Wood Energy, we delve into the science behind efficient forest management, exploring how it can simultaneously contribute to maintaining healthy forests and drive economic growth.

Local Employment and Economy:

Wood energy not only heats factories, drives industrial steam processes and heats public buildings but also ignites local economies. By promoting the use of locally sourced wood, industries create jobs, stimulate economic activity, and bolster community well-being. Visit our fair wood energy to learn how wood energy drives local employment, empowering communities and fostering sustainable growth.

Energy Independence and Price Stability:

As global energy demand intensifies, the need for self-reliance becomes paramount. Wood energy offers a pathway to energy independence, reducing dependence on imported fossil fuels. Furthermore, the stability of wood as a locally available resource helps insulate industries from the volatile price fluctuations of traditional energy sources.

Achieving Sustainability through Well-Managed Biomass Supply Chains

Environmental Benefits of Wood Energy:

Wood energy champions environmental conservation by leveraging carbon-neutral biomass. Within our exhibition there is a strong representation from the international Wood Energy  sector where you can discover also the related intricacies of carbon capture, utilisation and storage (BECCUS), as sustainable biomass replaces fossil fuels and makes carbon dioxide removal (CDR) a reality. This ecologically responsible approach aids in mitigating climate change and preserving the delicate balance of our ecosystems.

Importance of Sustainable Biomass Supply Chains:

Sustainable wood energy hinges on the integrity of biomass supply chains. Well-regulated sourcing and transportation practices prevent deforestation and ensure the preservation of natural habitats. Join us at show wood energy to explore the role of transparent supply chains in enhancing the eco-friendly attributes of wood energy.

Join us at Bio360 : Discover the Future of Wood Energy

Our upcoming event, Bio360, serves as the ideal platform to understand the Future Developments in wood energy. With over 450 exhibitors from 35 countries and 200 international speakers, it's a must-attend event for stakeholders committed to scaling up wood energy.

Are you ready to be part of the energy transition ? Whether you're an industry professional, an innovator, Bio360 is the place to be!

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