Unscrupulous practices

WARNING ! you may be or may have been targeted ! A number of unscrupulous business practices are being perpetrated on a regular basis in relation to companies potentially attending a wide range of exhibitions and events. Below are two examples that we are aware of and we caution you to be on your guard against them and potentially any others. In case of doubt, please always contact us before replying to any offers.

A number of publishers (e.g. Inexorg, Expo Guide, Connect Publisher, online catalogue "International Fairs Directory", Matic, Construct Data) may write to you to propose a listing in their directory or catalogue which appears to be related to « Bio 360 Expo » or one of our historical exhibitions Biogaz Europe » or « Bois Energie » or « ReGen Europe » or to « BEES » but which in reality bears no relation to any of our exhibitions nor to us the organisers.
BEWARE : It is NOT FREE ! In addition, the offer to be listed at first glance appears to be free but in fact written in the small print it often states that the service is payable annually over a period of several years.
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False proposals are being made from a variety of unscrupulous sources to purchase Attendee or Visitor Lists of our events and shows. These proposals are totally false as no other organisation other than BEES possess the Attendee / Visitor lists for our events. Furthermore, since our foundation in 2005, BEES has never offered (and never will) our Attendee / Visitor database for sale, rental, loan or shared it under any other type of arrangement.
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