Du 30/03/2022 au 31/03/2022   Lieu : Parc de la Beaujoire, Nantes

Eduardo ARIZA
Business Development Manager
Chemical engineer with an MBA and over 12 years of expertise spanning the oil & gas sector, renewable energies, and decarbonization. Currently thriving as a Business Development Manager committed to industry decarbonization.

Décarbonation de l'Industrie
31/03/2022 à 14:00

14h00 Introduction
14h10 TorrCoal Technology BV (nl)

14h30 Energy &+ (fr)
14h50 Gazotech (fr/in)
15h10 Naoden (fr)
15h30 Kyotherm (fr)
15h50 Etia (fr)
16h10 Echanges avec la Salle
16h30 Conclusions

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