Du 08/02/2023 au 09/02/2023   Lieu : Parc de la Beaujoire, Nantes

Pyreg GmbH
Helmut Gerber is one of three Managing Directors of PYREG GmbH, which he founded in 2009 as a spin-off from the Technical University of Bingen. He is responsible for development, plant engineering and renewable energies at the international plant manufacturer.
The special feature of the PYREG plant technology he developed is the targeted control of the process parameters of the pyrolysis process, which makes it possible to produce carbon products of different quality levels and to recycle nutrients gently. Most importantly, the majority of the carbon contained in the input material is stably stored without being released into the atmosphere as CO2. With this technology PYREG GmbH takes a worldwide leading role in pyrolysis. For this invention, the 51-year-old was awarded the IWA LET2016 Industrial Innovation Award, the Inventor Award Rhineland-Palatinate, the ZIRP Innovation Award and the Innovation Award Rhineland-Palatinate.
Helmut Gerber is considered a pioneer in the industry and has made a name for himself far beyond Germany's borders through a large number of scientific publications and research projects. He is a founding member of EBI (The European Biochar Industry Consortium) and the German Biochar Association.

Des biosolides au biochar : derniers développements
08/02/2023 à 10:00

10h00  Introduction
10h05  Carbonisation des boues d'épuration pour produire de l'engrais phosphoré Biochar, Pyreg
10h20  Élimination des PFAS et gestion des boues par pyrolyse et séchage des boues entièrement automatisés, AquaGreen 
10h35  Révolution dans la valorisation des boues d'épuration, NGE

10h50  Mise à l'échelle de la carbonisation des biosolides pour les grandes municipalités, VOW

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