Co-founder & Managing Director
I am the co-founder and managing director of NetZero, a climate venture leveraging biochar to perform long-term atmospheric carbon removal. In 2021, NetZero launched Africa's first industrial-scale biochar production plant in Cameroon, and is currently building a second-generation plant in Brazil - also a first in South America. On top of carbon removal, our model brings strong social co-benefits in agriculture and access to energy. NetZero’s mission is to bring biochar at scale in the tropics - "For climate and people, now."

In 2022, NetZero was selected as one of the world’s most promising carbon removal projects in Elon Musk’s XPRIZE Carbon Removal competition. It also received the "Efficient Solution" label from the Solar Impulse Foundation, which recognises innovative models that meet Feasibility, Environmental, and Profitability criteria. NetZero's first carbon credits were certified by Puro, the leading certification standard for biochar carbon removal, and sold to Boston Consulting Group (BCG) as part of a long-term purchase agreement.

Prior to launching NetZero, I worked at Pro-Natura International, an NGO fostering innovative sustainable development projects in the Global South, with a strong focus on biochar.

I have a background in Business Management and Political Science.

Études de cas exemplaires sur le biochar
09/02/2023 à 10:00

Etudes de cas exemplaires : biochar à partir de résidus ligneux
10h00  Recule en arrière est le nouvel avantSyncraft and Bioenergie Frauenfeld

10h25  Pyrocore
10h45  Décarbonisation de l’industrie grâce à la valorisation des biomasses, Etia
11h05  Biochar a la ferme et petit bois, Woodtek Engineering
11h25  Pause
Etudes de cas exemplaires : biochar à partir d'agro-résidus
11h40  Le potentiel du biochar en zone tropicale, Net Zero
12h00  ECHO2 : Gaz combustible économique. Élimination certifiée du carbone, Rainbow Bee Eater
12h20  Pyrolyse des résidus avec des technologies rentables tirées par le marché de la séquestration du carbone, ARTi
12h40  Carbonation des biodéchets à haute humidité, y compris le digestat, le fumier et les biosolides, Biomass Control PBC