Du 08/02/2023 au 09/02/2023   Lieu : Parc de la Beaujoire, Nantes

Associate Director
Sacha brings over 15 years of experience advising public and private organisations on bioenergy and low carbon fuels. He has supported the European Commission since 2010 on the practical implementation of the sustainability requirements of the Renewable Energy Directive, including voluntary schemes certification, as well as the development of the Union database for liquid and gaseous fuels. Sacha has extensive experience in the field of biomethane. In 2019, he supported the UK Energy Networks Association to assess the role of renewable and low carbon gases in a net zero 2050 energy system. He has also closely worked with the Gas for Climate consortium over the past two years, including leading a study to assess the biomethane potential in Europe to 2050, developing a manual for national biomethane implementation and on the Sustainable Biomethane Platform Initiative (BIP incubator). He currently leads a study for the European Biogas Association on assessing the economic benefits of biomethane production in Europe.

Atteindre l'objectif de 35 milliards de m3 d'ici 2030. Adapter la croissance de la production de biogaz à l'ambition européenne.
08/02/2023 à 10:00

10h00  Guidehouse
10h15  European Biogas Association
10h30  Association des agriculteurs méthaniseurs de France (AAMF)
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