Du 08/02/2023 au 09/02/2023   Lieu : Parc de la Beaujoire, Nantes

Carolina Del Mar SAAVEDRA RIOS
Anode Material Engineer
I am a young R&D engineer with experience on carbonaceous materials, focused on incorporating sustainable solutions for high-end technological applications. My career started at my home country, Colombia, where I completed a degree on chemical engineering. During my studies I was able to do an academic exchange to France, at the PHELMA school of Grenoble-INP, to strength my skills on electrochemistry. Later on, I stayed in France to pursue my PhD on material science, studying biomass derived carbon materials for batteries. Today, I am part of Verkor, a fast-growing project aiming to produce low carbon footprint Li-ion batteries for the electrical vehicle market.

Novel Applications : Biochar for Energy Storage
09/02/2023 à 16:00


16h00  Biochar comme précurseur de matériau actif négatif dans les batteries, Verkor
16h20  Biochar pour le stockage d'énergie, UNICAM - University of Camerino

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