Du 24/01/2024 au 25/01/2024   Lieu : Parc de la Beaujoire, Nantes

Alejandro CASTILLA
Senior Operations Manager
ecoLocked GmbH
Cement clinker is responsible for around 8% of global CO2 emissions and is a key driver behind ecoLocked’s mission to provide scalable end applications for biochar insetting in buildings, combining CO2 removal with maximum impact and performance for the construction industry. Working with multiple partners, 2023 is a landmark year for this young start-up which has validated their solution on a commercial scale to convert captured carbon into highly functional concrete admix materials and released their first products for precast applications. ecoLocked subscribes to the line of thinking which states that “environmental impact and economic value can not only be reconciled but actually reinforce each other in sustainable value chains."

Concrete - a medium for at scale Carbon Removal
25/01/2024 à 10:00

10h00  Biochar dans le béton : Une voie d'élimination du carbone à grande échelle, EcoLocked
10h20  Applications du biochar dans le béton, Glanris
10h40  Construire l'avenir. Créer des puits de carbone dans le béton et l'asphalte., CarStorCon Technologies
11h00  Des solutions "concretes" pour l'elimination de carbon et l'economie circulaire, Voltigital
11h20  Stockage permanent du CO2 dans des déchets minéraux et matériaux recyclés, Neustark
11h40  Echanges avec la Salle

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