Anaero Technology Ltd

Landsite 2 Cowley road
CB4 0DT   Cambridge
Grande Bretagne

Anaero Technology builds on over 17 years of AD and wastewater research experience.It has developed and patented novel lab-scale anaerobic digestion research digesters capable of automatic feeding of heterogeneous feedstock, as used in full-scale AD operation. This “CSTR” digestion system provides high quality replication of full-scale AD processes, from feed storage, to digestate capture in a completely gas-tight set that allows efficient mass balances throughout the process. A second model, for batch tests, such as BMP is also available that allows effective evaluation of feedstock biogas and inhibition potential. The equipment has the novelty of mixing all reactors in the set at exactly the same intensity, a factor that causes difficulties in currently available equipment. Gas flow is recorded and converted to STP in real-time, giving useful insides into the kinetic of degradation of different feedstocks.