Advanced Renewable Technology International (ARTi)
Téléphone: (515) 495-5101

Stand n°: H42
Pyrolysis reactors, biochar
ARTi is an international company that develops pyrolysis technologies, research and development projects, and carbon products through sustainable, healthy, and innovative processes.
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We are a multidisciplinary company of mechanical engineers, agronomists and studies in Biorenewable resources and Biosystems among other areas.

Our company started in 2013 with Juan Proaño, Edson Vendrusculo, Matthew Kieffer, and Bernardo del Campo. Comprised of a group of mechanical engineering students and electrical engineering PhDs, they joined forces and began playing around, developing solutions to help farmers.

Initially, we collected used vegetable oil and processed it into biodiesel. From there, we began working with more than 20 individuals from many different backgrounds and cultures. Our diverse group of mechanical, agricultural, and electrical engineers, as well as physicists, agronomists, and lifelong farmers, became passionate about making a variety of products from a bio-renewable resource, biochar.

ARTi looks to continue expanding its business and we are searching for new ways to utilize biochar. Come check out the wide variety of biochar we offer in our store page. Our work at ARTi continues to discover new biotechnological innovations for a greener, more sustainable future.

Our mission is to demonstrate the value of biochar as a green technology able to sequester CO2 from the atmosphere and bring life back into the soils. ARTi develops complete, automated, and modular biochar production systems.