First Climate Switzerland AG

8002   ZÜRICH

First Climate is a leading global provider of carbon management and green energy services for the private and public sector. First Climate develops, finances, and sources verified emission reduction projects around the globe, giving clients the opportunity to support local sustainable development and climate change mitigation activities on the ground.

By offering access to its diverse suit of carbon removal projects, First Climate supports its clients to build a customized carbon removal portfolio on their journey to net-zero and beyond. When working to develop and scale up high-quality carbon removal projects, project partners benefit from First Climate’s established presence in the climate protection field. With First Climate’s over 20 years of experience in project development, project financing, and access to long-term revenue from the carbon credits, partners gain solid footing in an increasingly complex environment.
Carbon removal projects are developed around the globe and range from natural and agricultural solutions to technical carbon removal solutions. To generate carbon credits, First Climate supports projects through certification or methodology development with the highest quality standards, such as the Gold Standard or VCS.