Andre van Zyl
Founder & Director
Green Carbon Industries (GCI)
Andre van Zyl graduated in 1986 as a Chemical Engineer from the “VAAL UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY” in South Africa with substantial experience in process plant design and commissioning for the steel, water treatment, mineral processing and mining industry worldwide. For the past 20 years he also focused and has acquired specialized knowledge and skills in road pavement and construction technology, especially in the development, production and application of environmentally safe emulsified bitumen cold bio mix materials for remote infrastructure development areas. During the last 8 years, he has been instrumental in the further development and re-design of carbon rich binder technologies to suite specific climatic, geotechnical and problematic soil conditions. These commercially viable and carbon net-negative construction projects utilizes large quantities of Biochar and other reclaimed waste products obtained from thermal conversion of biomass via gasification, torrefaction and pyrolysis.

During the last 8 years of active R&D and specific design, a new and revolutionary product range of “Climate Conscious” applications, as well as relevant performance testing methods have been developed as a “true” Carbon Capture and Sink (CCS), at scale solution to reverse climate warming.

Green Building - défossiliser l'enrobé
08/02/2023 à 10:00

10h00  L'enrobé végétal Biophalt: présentation du procédé & premières réalisations, Eiffage Route
10h20  Transition vers une industrie de l'asphalte climatiquement neutre dans les pays nordiques, y compris des informations clés et des essais avec des matériaux alternatifs, Peab Asfalt
10h40  L'utilisation de Biochar @Scale dans les chaussées, les routes minières et la construction générale à bilan carbone négatif, Green Carbon Industries
11h00  Biochar et Ecofalt : l'accord parfait, The Municipality of Enshede