Technology Engineer Carbon CO2 Waste Biomass to Liquid SAF e-naphtha renewable diesel
Renaud Ricolfi-Bouvelle –MSc in Process Enginneering- is working as technologist for renewable fuels, focused on FT and upgrading technologies for xtL in the Technology & Technical Support business division within Axens.
He started his professional career in the Oil&Gas in 2008 on the EPC side. He served as process engineer and field engineer in various positions. He joined Axens in 2014 as start up team manager. After taking part in numerous start up around the world including first industrial unit start up, he specialized in the Fischer Tropsch and uprgrading process, a technology having now a particular interest in the energy transition.

CCU à partir des fumées de combustion de la biomasse
08/02/2023 à 16:20

16h20  Biochar, Serres et Cascades de Carbone, Hot Lime Labs
16h40  Systèmes de cogénération innovants à l'échelle communautaire avec capture, utilisation et stockage du carbone et production de biochar, Ricardo
17h00  Les technologies intégrées d'Axens pour le captage et l'utilisation du CO₂, Axens
17h20  Technologie de captage de CO2 par contacteurs membranaires concept modulaire et intégration énergétique (Projet : Jupiter 1000), Leroux et Lotz Technologies