Bio360 Expo 2022, 2021 & 2020

Take a look back at how Bio360 Expo weathered the covid storm through 2020-21 to rebound back determinedly in 2022.

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Bio360 Expo 2022
After a protracted and particularly difficult period for events as a whole stretching over the many drawn out months since the arrival of covid-19 in March 2020, we were particularly happy to be able to stage again a face-to-face, fully fledged Bio360Expo in Nantes.

It took place at the end of March 2022 and to be able welcome back through the doors 5000 professional participants from near and far, along with more than 400 exhibitors from 30 countries, 1800 conference participants and 170 high-caliber international speakers.

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Thank you to everyone who was able to make it. We know that quite a number of people were unable to leave home due to a new round of covid-19 infections which clearly impacted upon visitor numbers, so all the more our gratitude to those who were able to and elected to make the journey.​​​​

Recent Speakers

Conference Presentations and Replays 2022

See the conference detailled programme here

You can access/download the presentations below.


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biohorizons 30/03
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biomass 30/03


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biohorizons 31/03
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Bio360 Open & Week 2021

Bio360 Week

Bio360 Week 2021 turned out to be a resounding success with 2500 international, engaged online conference attendees … but at its inception, it was ambitious and far from risk free. At a time when online events were proliferating and talk of webinar fatigue was on the rise, building Bio360 Week on a distinctive proposition was paramount to ensuring it would represent “value for time” to online participants.

A large panel of high-profile international speakers covering a broad range of often inter-related subjects, simultaneous translation and an open B2B meeting platform proved to be a blend that bioenergy and bioeconomy professionals that world over were keen to sign up to.

Revisit all the sessions on video and download the presentations:

Bio360 Open

Just a few short weeks after the close of Bio360 Week, the French president announced the phased “re-opening” of France which in turn opened the doors to the possibility of organising a summer event to bring people together once again. Bio360 Open was launched soon after as an outdoor meeting to be spread over 30 000m2 and with unlimited ceiling height.

And so, two short months later, and under sunny skies at the end of June, 1000 participants and 120 exhibitors greatly appreciated and embraced the opportunity of being able to meet up again in person safely and do what humans have enjoyed doing for millennia, chatting, talking shop and doing business … face-to-face !!


Bio360 Expo 2020

rapport 2020 exposer EN mini2020 - an exceptional year for Bio360 Expo

Bio360 Expo posted record attendance figures at the 2020 edition in Nantes on 30-31 January :

  • an overall 7% increase in participant attendance, up from 6500 in 2019 to over 7000 professionals in 2020
  • a 30% increase in exhibitors, up from 343 to more than 450 exhibiting companies

The 2020 edition was equally noteworthy for a significant broadening of the thematic coverage of the event to encompass all aspects of bioenergy and the bioeconomy.
At the same time, the birth of the new name Bio360 Expo (representing a fusion of our three historical events Biogaz Europe, Bois Energie and Regen Europe), creates a single identity around which to galvanise the collective effort to transition from a fossil to a bio-society. It provides a platform to examine and optimise the application of agricultural and forestry resources for sustainable bioenergy and a biobased future…