Bio360 2020 & 2021

In early 2020, before the first wave of lockdowns hit Europe, Bio360 Expo 2020 took place in January, Nantes with great success.

Soon after, everything changed and planning with certainty became a thing of the past. Irrespective of this however and driven by the inescapable reality that climate change was continuing unabated, we elected to continue to do whatever we could and in whatever way we could, to keep the debate and the sector moving forwards. There was no other choice.

This gave rise in response to two totally new and previously unimagined events, both organised from scratch within the first 6 months of the year, one online (Bio360 Week) and the in the great outdoors (Bio360 Open). Read more below …

Bio360 Expo 2020 in Nantes saw, for the first time, the fusion of BEES’s historical events (Biogaz Europe, Bois Energie and ReGen Europe) under the one unifying banner “Bio360 Expo” and the broadening of the thematic coverage of the event to encompass the world of liquid biofuels, bioenergy carbon capture and utilisation, storage and sequestration as well as the growing biobased sector… the common baseline being forestry, agriculture and waste management (ie resource optimisation). Underpinning this evolution is the urgent imperative to implement solutions to mitigate against climate change and to switch from the dead-end, fossil economy model to a circular, renewable biosociety. Bio360 Expo aims to be at the heart of this transition.

Bio360 Expo 2020 was also characterised by an increased presence from the broader international bioenergy and bioeconomy communities which was reflected in both the visitor numbers, international participants were up from 5% to 12%, but also in exhibitor numbers, up from 30% to 39% (totalling 179 international organisations).

This international cross-fertilisation between experts, research organisations, policy makers, financiers, companies and entrepreneurs is crucial as a means to harness and pool intellectual and other resources, as a driver for technology optimisation, as a platform to identify and develop synergies, as an opportunity to disseminate best practice and as a means to accelerate the deployment of low carbon, carbon neutral and carbon-negative bio-solutions for our planet.

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Bio360 Week 2021 turned out to be a resounding success with 2500 international, engaged online conference attendees … but at its inception, it was ambitious and far from risk free. At a time when online events were proliferating and talk of webinar fatigue was on the rise, building Bio360 Week on a distinctive proposition was paramount to ensuring it would represent “value for time” to online participants.

A large panel of high-profile international speakers covering a broad range of often inter-related subjects, simultaneous translation and an open B2B meeting platform proved to be a blend that bioenergy and bioeconomy professionals that world over were keen to sign up to.

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Just a few short weeks after the close of Bio360 Week, the French president announced the phased “re-opening” of France which in turn opened the doors to the possibility of organising a summer event to bring people together once again. Bio360 Open was launched soon after as an outdoor meeting to be spread over 30 000m2 and with unlimited ceiling height.
And so, two short months later, and under sunny skies at the end of June, 1000 participants and 120 exhibitors greatly appreciated and embraced the opportunity of being able to meet up again in person safely and do what humans have enjoyed doing for millennia, chatting, talking shop and doing business … face-to-face !!

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