The Netherlands - Country of the Year 2022

At an industrial, institutional, research, capacity building, visionary and collaborative level, the Netherlands is exemplary as a country in its approach and achievements across the bioenergy and bioeconomy fields.

30+ innovating front runners will be in Nantes, presenting their accomplishments and vision across the conferences and will also be looking forward to welcome you onto the three Netherlands lounges dedicated to biomass, biogas and the bioeconomy.

This is a unique opportunity to catch up with some of the big names of tomorrow who are pioneering and pushing forward the biotransition.

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A word from the Ambassador of the Netherlands

Dear Visitors, dear Participants,

One of the greatest challenges of our time is to provide reliable, affordable and renewable energy solutions for all. Besides increasing demand for energy, we also have to prepare for a changing global climate and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Bioenergy and biomass can play a vital role in the energy transition and will help us to meet the growing demand for energy. This requires a great deal of research and pioneering work. Work that is already happening on a large scale in my country, the Netherlands.

The Netherlands has been successful in the development and implementation of a biobased economy. We owe this to our high-tech agriculture and horticulture sectors, our innovative multinationals and a vibrant ecosystem of start-ups and research institutes focusing on biobased products and processes. This experience and knowledge, and our products and services make the Dutch bioenergy sector an ideal partner for France in the transition to a biobased economy.

France has set the ambitious goal to reach carbon neutrality by 2050. The strong potential of biogas and biomethane in France as a green energy source will contribute to achieve this target. The market is well developed and growing at a steady pace. It is estimated that around 1,200 methane injection projects will be completed by 2023.

Both countries have high ambitions, complementary knowledge and technologies. Both are constantly raising the bar.

It is thus a great honor for the Netherlands to be present at Bio360 Expo as “country of the year”. We are looking forward to the exchanges and to intensify our cooperation with French and other international partners and wish you all a successful event.

Yours sincerely,

Pieter de Gooijer


Participating companies

AlbersAlbers Alligator
specialist in flexible storage systems up to 10,000 m³ for water, slurry, biogas and industrial liquids
BiogasJGBiogas JG
AD biological process improvement and desulphurisation process specialists
Bosch BetonBosch Beton
specialist in concrete retaining walls for biogas digesters
Bright biomethaneBright biomethane
specialist in biogas upgrading systems across the total range from small to large scale
FlexxolutionsFlex Exchange
innovative silo capping systems, biogas storage systems and disinfection solutions
a global reference name in sustaible biofuels for shipping, road and rail transport
financial investment
HostHost Bioenergy Installations
award winning turnkey biogas plant builder
pioneer in the reforming of biomethane into green hydrogen
design, produce, install and maintain complex turnkey sustainable energy projects
MavitecMavitec Green Energy
specialist in food waste and depackaging solutions
ChémelotChemelot InSciTe
a public-private research and technical validation institute with a strong focus on the production of biobased building blocks
Perpetual NextPerpetual Next
helps industries and businesses around the world achieve sustainability by generating more value from waste and eliminating fossil carbon.
CryonormCryonorm Systems BV
is a specialist designer and installer of LNG/L-CNG fueling station. LNG marine fuel system, LNG satellite plants, LNG ship bunkering plants and small scale LNG liquefaction plants.
CPM Europe BV
a global leader in high-end equipment for pelleting and grinding a large variety of wood and agricultural products.
focuses on offering the market solutions for challenges in the specific sectors of container and tank transport, as well as in the building sector.
Wageningen Food and Biobased Research
a world renowned Dutch research institute whose primary mission is to explore the potential of nature to improve the quality of life
a specialist in separation process solutions
MSEMembrane Systems Europe
specialist in double membrane covering systems for biogas plants
bioLNG - pioneer in liquifaction of biomethane
a global reference name in pioneering SAFs
gasification speclailist of non-recyclable waste streams to produce circular fuels (RNG/SNG), and power production
Titan LNGTitan LNG
pioneer in bioGNL bunkering solutions
a world renowned Dutch research institute which seeks to create innovations that boost the sustainable competitive strength of industry
pioneer in the torrefaction process to substitute fossil fuels with  bio-carbon
modular bio-syngas plant producing biochar and syngas with biochemical applications
innovative solutions in chemical distribution, drumming, warehousing 
specialist in double membrane covering systems for biogas plants
XebecXebec Europe
dedicated to accelerating the production of renewable gases for a low-carbon future
Gidara EnergyGidara Energy
a reference name in gasification which contributes to the circular economy by repurposing waste to replace fossil fuels
QMQM Environmental International
specialist in environmental biotechnology and offers integrated solutions for environmental problems in soil, water and air
QMBio Energy Netherlands
focuses on converting sustainable biomass into biogas (syngas) for green CHP leading to green hydrogen and CO₂ for green chemistry and for the creation of bio-fuels.
aims to revolutionize the oil industry by producing a platform product that is 100% bio-based.

Circular Biobased Delta
Biobased Delta is spearheading green chemicals to bring about the transition to a biobased economy. Cooperation between knowledge centres, public authorities and industry (from SMEs to multinationals) is at the heart of its work.