Liquid Feedstocks

Agricultural, water treatment and industrial liquid effluents have long been considered as waste streams and treated as such, resulting in the loss of much valuable resource recovery. That has all changed.

Today a range of pathways exist to recover energy and other valuable resources from these liquid feedstocks, such as anaerobic digestion, hydrothermal gasification, pyrolysis, microbial treatment. These pathways are at different stages of industrial deployment and each must adapt to and work within regulatory confinements, but they are coming and will make a significant impact on achieving a circular economy and displacing fossils from the energy mix.


Biochar Room      take me there
Wednesday 8th February : 10:00 -11:20
Pyrolysis : pyrolysis is now a proven pathway for energy and biochar recovery from biosolids which has made significant strides to ensure PFAS removal and produce P-fertilizer Biochar.
Hear from the leaders in this emerging field : Pyreg (de), Aquagreen (dk), VOW (no) and NGE (at)

Green Gaz Room    take me there
Wednesday 8th February, 14:00 - 15:30
Hydrothermal Gasification : innovative startups and major French industrial groups are pooling their efforts to make hydrothermal gasification a reality in the French energy mix. A conference session dedicated to “How are Hydrothermal Gasification (HG) market players organised around a common sector strategy?” will cover:
- Introduction to HG technology and publication of the white paper,
- "Supply" roundtable: the advancement of French and international technology developers
- Round table "demand": Who are the actors interested in HG ? How does HG meet their needs?
Hear from : Arkema Carling, Carene, CEA Liten, Cristal Union, Genifuel, GRTgaz, Leroux et Lotz Technologies, Suez, Suez, TreaTech, Veolia, Vinci Environnement

Green Gaz Room    take me there
Thursday 9th February, 11:30
Biohydrogen : Production of bioHydrogen by culture of micro-organisms: Where are we? How to produce it industrially? At what price ? With what economic model ?
Hear from : Athena Recherche