Sustainable Transport and Powering Tomorrow's Journeys with Bioenergy and CCU Innovation at Bio360


With the escalating concerns surrounding global warming and environmental degradation, the transportation industry is at a pivotal point. It's no longer just about getting from point A to B; it's about how we do it sustainably. At Bio360, we shine a spotlight on bioenergy, CCU, and groundbreaking advancements that are set to revolutionize transportation across all sectors.

Explore Viable Solutions for Sustainable Transport at our Trade Fair

At Bio360, we dive into sustainable transportation solutions, highlighting advanced liquid biofuels, e-fuels, bioNGV, low-carbon and biohydrogen. These innovative technologies, showcased at our sustainable transport event, aim to decarbonize both personal and haulage vehicles, promising reduced carbon footprints, enhanced efficiency, and a more eco-friendly world.

The New Age of Road, Rail, Air, and Sea Mobility

While road transport holds a significant chunk of our daily commute and logistics, sectors like rail, air, and sea are not far behind in the race for sustainability. Dive deep into the world of sustainable rail and sea transport at Bio360, and explore the potential of low-carbon and biohydrogen and other sustainable fuels in revolutionizing transport.

Road Transport: Paving the Way for a Greener Future

At Bio360, we're spotlighting the green transformation of road transport. Advanced liquid biofuels, made from renewable sources such as biomass and waste streams, are set to replace traditional gasoline and diesel. These sustainable alternatives promise significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, providing a cleaner and more eco-friendly solution for powering both cars and haulage vehicles.

Rail Travel: Tracks to Sustainability

The railway industry, renowned for its expansive networks, is rapidly adopting bioenergy and CCU technologies to promote sustainable transport. BioCNG, advanced biofuels, hydrogen and E-fuels introduce innovative ways to power trains without relying on conventional overhead power lines. By offering locomotives a clean energy source, these renewable fuels are setting the stage for a greener future in rail travel. 

Air Travel: Soaring Towards Greener Skies

Aviation is soaring towards sustainability with biojet fuels at the forefront. These innovative solutions, derived from biomass as well as low-carbon feedstocks, provide a greener alternative for powering aircraft. At the Bio360, visitors will witness the aviation sector's commitment to cutting emissions and adopting a sustainable trajectory.

Maritime Transport: Navigating Cleaner Waters

Maritime transport, crucial to global trade, is charting a course towards sustainability through a range of renewable fuel options including advanced liquid biofuels, bioLNG, biomethanol, bioamonia, e-fuels. Sourced from organic waste streams, these renewable fuels present an eco-friendly fuel alternative for ships and vessels. Experience this transformative shift at our trade fair, spotlighting the greener future of sea transport.

Hydrogen: A Universal Decarbonization Solution

Hydrogen, often dubbed the "fuel of the future," is a key focus at the Bio360 event. Low-carbon and biohydrogen can power various modes of transportation, from cars to buses to trains, and even ferries as well as power industry and industrial processes. Hydrogen production using renewable energy sources, coupled with advanced storage and distribution, is the cornerstone of a sustainable low-carbon and biohydrogen economy. Bio360 delves deeper into pathways to produce low-carbon and biohydrogen from a range of different feedstocks including waste effluent, biogas, biomethane, solid biomass, non-recyclable waste streams, pig urine, to mention but a few.

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Our upcoming event, Bio360, serves as the ideal platform to understand the Future Developments in  Bioenergy. With over 450 exhibitors from 35 countries and 200 international speakers, it's a must-attend event for stakeholders committed to scaling up bioenergy.

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