The world’s leading carbon crediting platform for engineered carbon removal. Booth G35
We at Puro.earth ensure companies can neutralize carbon emissions with science-based carbon removal credits and remain trusted on the road to carbon net-zero.

Our platform brings together suppliers of carbon net-negative technologies, such as biochar producers, and climate conscious companies. We issue verified CO2 Removal Certificates (CORCs) based on the Puro Standard. Puro Standard released the first biochar methodology in the carbon markets in 2019 and is trusted by corporate pioneers like Microsoft, Shopify and Zurich Insurance.

Puro Accelerate is our program to scale the carbon removal ecosystem by enabling buyers to purchase future CORCs from projects in development. Puro Accelerate helps new carbon removal projects secure funding through Offtake Agreements, otherwise known as Advance Market Commitments.

Are you a biochar producer who wants to monetize the climate service of your biochar? Visit us at booth G35 and https://puro.earth or email us at contact@puro.earth.
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A leader in biochar carbon removal certification

Puro.earth brought the first carbon crediting standard for engineered carbon removals to the voluntary carbon market.
Aligned with the IPCC definition for carbon removal, the Puro Standard brings integrity to the market with high-quality carbon
removal methodologies.

"Choosing Puro, it really came down to trust and integrity...we thought the relationship with Nasdaq was critical to that and we knew in an emerging market like the carbon sequestration market it was important to have the integrity of an organization that had strong standards.” – Ned Dwyer, CEO,
American BioCarbon, CORC supplier.

The Puro Standard
The Puro.earth methodology for biochar was developed in 2019 and was updated in 2022 to include the latest scientific research. We ensure all projects meet the highest environmental standards while guaranteeing net-negative emissions. Do you want to monetize the carbon removal of your biochar in the carbon markets? Do you need funding to start or expand operations?

Puro Accelerate is our program to scale the carbon removal ecosystem by enabling buyers to purchase future CORCs from projects in development.

To learn more, visit us at booth G35 or contact us at contact@puro.earth
14h00 - 16h20
mer. 24/01/2024
24/01/2024 14:00:00
salle/room : Biochar

14h00  Demande du marché pour les crédits de carbone biochar : tendances, canaux de vente et accords d'achat, Arnaud Defrance, Puro.Earth
14h20  Systèmes d'accréditations guidés par données pour générer des crédits d'élimination de carbone fiables et de haute qualité, Marcel Eichler, Carbonfuture
14h40  Renforcer les communautés : L'impact social de la production artisanale de biochar dans les pays en développement, KK Rora, Circonomy
15h00  Dérisquer les investissements dans les projets d'élimination du carbone par le biochar: DoMoRe, Melisa Leung, Geca Environnement
15h20  Décoder la dynamique des crédits de carbone Biochar, Accend
15h40  Échanges avec la salle

Vice President Head of Carbon Removal Funding Solutions
Melissa LEUNG
Director – Business development & Carbon
GECA Environnement
Associate Research Director
Carbon Gap
Kul Kauwid RORA
Co-founder and COO