Season 1 - Episode 4: 20 minutes With Leon &...Célia Sapart

CO₂ Value Europe's mission

« CO₂ Value Europe works on the cause of climate change. Decarbonisation is working on the symptoms, defossilisation is working on the cause. »

Célia Sapart is a climatologist, specialist in greenhouse gas emissions and the link between human activities and the climate. In 2012, she defended her doctoral thesis and published her results in the Scientific Review Nature. Then after two post-docs, she became a research fellow at the Belgian FNRS and participated in numerous international polar missions.

Noting the growing impact of our activities on the polar regions, she made the decision in 2019 to put her research aside and get involved at the forefront of climate action by joining CO₂ Value Europe.

This young international organisation, recognised today by the European authorities, represents the “Carbon Capture and Utilisation” community in Europe. Its objective: to promote sustainable and circular solutions, based on the recovery of CO₂ in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the most polluting sectors and to "defossilise" the economy. Célia is the scientific Director of the association and she notably coordinates the committee of scientific experts with whom she participated as an expert in the review of the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report.

In this episode Célia tells us about her background and motivation to join CO₂ Value Europe. She explains the organisation's mission and approach to solutions. With great clarity she distinguishes the various terms commonly used today by the IPCC and gives us the vision on how we can create carbon circularity to fight climate change.
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