Season 1 - Episode 6: 20 minutes With Leon &...Guillaume Charpy

The decarbonisation of industry by microalgae

«With a strain of microalgae, we will produce molecules that will replace the raw materials of fossil origin used in industry. It is probably the most important driver of decarbonisation in industry»

For this very first episode of the year 2023, Leon welcomes Guillaume Charpy, President / CEO of CarbonWorks, a joint-venture between Fermentalg and Suez, created in 2021 to capture biogenic and industry emitted CO₂  to transform it into biosourced raw materials for feed or industry via microalgae .

Guillaume Charpy has a professional career at the crossroads of the environment on the one hand, and the launch and acceleration of innovative activities on the other. He has worked in France and abroad in various sectors: water, recycling of electric batteries, green hydrogen, biotechnology, in large groups as well as at the head of start-ups. He takes us on the guiding thread of his experiences and his vision of the decarbonisation of industry.

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You can carry on the discussion with Guillaume Charpy and any of Leon’s guests at Bio360 Expo 2023 , 8-9th February, Nantes (France).