Season 1 - Episode 7 : 20 minutes With Leon &...Michael Brogle

Capturing and storing biogenic CO2 in recycled concrete

«Our goal is to store 1 million tons of CO2 by 2030 »

This week we are talking carbon capture and storage technology (BECCS) with Michael Brogle. Michael works as a Business Development Manager at Neustark AG. Based in Switzerland, Neustark is a BECCS company, which captures biogenic CO2 and permanently stores it in recycled concrete.
Neustark’s plants and processes are in use in Switzerland and various European countries, the company currently expands its international operations with a strong focus on the French market.
They have a very unique approach from source to sink. We are delighted that they have chosen to come to Bio360 to further their international development in collaboration with local biogas and concrete recycling partners.

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